What Is A Dimmer Switch? and How to Install for LED Lighting

What is a Dimmer Switch?

A dimmer switch is a device used to control the level of light emitted from an electric lamp. A dimmer switch can be either a single pole or three-way, depending on the number of circuits it controls. A three-way dimmer switch has two switches that operate independently of each other. The way in which a dimmer works is by reducing the voltage of a lamp by changing the amount of power flowing through it.

Dimmer switches allow you to create the perfect amount of light for every indoor space.

How to Install Dimmer Switches for Recessed Lighting:

Dimmer switches are used to control the intensity of lighting. They come in various styles, but they all have the same basic function of being able to turn lights on and off and adjust the amount of light emitted.

In order to install a dimmer switch for narrow recessed lighting, you will need:

  • A screwdriver
  • A wire stripper
  • A standard-size electrical box
  • Wire nuts 2 or 4.
  • Dimmer switch with matching screws (usually 2 or 4)
  • Recessed light fixture (bulb not included)

Here Is A List of the Procedures for Installing a Dimmer:

  • First, turn off the electricity.
  • After removing the outdated switch, make sure the power is turned off using your live wire tester.
  • Cut the wires that are attached to the switch. Before removing the wire from a 3-way switch, mark the wire that is attached to the “common” screw, which is often a black screw.
  • Remove roughly 3/4 of an inch of insulation from each wire.
  • Connect the ground wires in
  • Connect the final set of wires. The sequence of the wires normally doesn’t matter in single-pole circuits. If the circuit has three conductors, connect the “common” wire to the dimmer’s common wire. Typically, it is the black wire. The sequence is irrelevant when you join the final two wires.
  • Use your screwdriver to install the dimmer and cover plate after folding the wires into the switch box.

Power up and take advantage of how versatile your lighting is.

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