Top 13 Best Hykolity LED Lights For Indoor & Outdoor Space

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Hykolity Lighting is generally recognized as a reputable brand in the lighting industry. They are known for producing a variety of lighting products, including LED fixtures for residential and commercial use. Hykolity LED Lights often emphasize energy efficiency, innovative design, and reliable performance.

Certainly! Hykolity has established itself as a reputable brand within the lighting industry, earning recognition for its dedication to energy efficiency and cutting-edge design. Specializing in high-quality LED fixtures tailored for residential and commercial settings, Hykolity sets itself apart through a focus on durability and sustainable solutions.

Top Sellers Hykolity Lighting Fixtures


hykolity 6 Inch Smart Wi-Fi Ultra Slim LED Recessed Lighting

This Hykolity 6 inch LED recessed lighting is designed to provide an accurate and precise distribution of light that is also ideal for your indoor and adds a stylish accent. The 1200-lumen indoor/outdoor LED dimmable spotlight manages to produce one of the most efficient color rendering indices (CRI) and designers love the result! 

It creates a more colorful and vivid room with RGBW 16 million gradients and 8 scenes. The synergy of home smart controls like dimming and presence, generates dynamic ambiance in any circumstance. The Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant.

Hykolity 3 Inch 5CCT Ultra-Thin LED Recessed Ceiling Light with Junction Box

The Ultra-Thin Hykolity Lights presents a versatile and energy-efficient lighting solution for diverse spaces. Featuring 5 CCT options, ranging from warm 2700K to daylight 5000K, these lights offer a customizable ambiance for kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, offices, and outdoor soffits.

Delivering an impressive 360 lumens with only 6 watts of power consumption, these lights utilize advanced LED chips for exceptional brightness, equivalent to a 60W halogen lamp while saving up to 90% in energy costs. The IC-rated design allows direct contact with ceiling insulation, ensuring thermal protection and safety.

hykolity 12 Pack 6 Inch Ultra-Thin LED Recessed Ceiling Light

The 6 inch Hykolity recessed downlights offer a space-saving lighting solution with their ultra-slim design, ideal for shallow ceilings. Boasting high brightness, these lights utilize world-leading LED chips, delivering 1200 lumens while consuming only 14 watts of power—equivalent to a 120W halogen lamp—resulting in energy savings of up to 90% percent. 

The installation is simplified with no housing or j-box needed; cut a 6.2” hole in the ceiling and use spring clips to secure the lights for retrofit and new decoration projects. IC Rated for direct contact with ceiling insulation, these lights ensure thermal protection. Backed by a 5-year warranty and made in the USA.

hykolity 56 Inch Selectable CCT LED Disk Light Flush Mount

The Hykolity Lights Disk Flush Mount is a versatile and efficient lighting solution, allowing you to choose between warm (3000K) and daylight (5000K) temperatures before installation. Ideal for kitchens, hallways, bathrooms, and more, it installs effortlessly in 5” or 6” recessed housings.

The 90+ CRI technology ensures true color rendering, and the energy-efficient LEDs last 50,000 hours, saving up to $400 over the fixture’s life. The high-quality driver enables smooth dimming down to 10%, and the product is backed by a 1-year warranty, emphasizing affordability and reliability.

13 inch Flush Mount LED Ceiling Light Fixture

The Flush Mount Fixture offers a versatile and stylish lighting solution for various spaces. With adjustable color temperatures ranging from warm (2700K) to daylight (5000K), this fixture provides customizable lighting suitable for different environments such as hallways, bathrooms, kitchens, or stairwells. 

The brushed nickel Saturn design adds a contemporary touch to any room, enhancing both aesthetics and functionality. As a dimmable lighting option, it allows you to create the desired ambiance in your living spaces. This ceiling light fixture combines modern design with practicality, ensuring a well-lit and visually appealing environment for your home.

13 and 18 Inch LED Flush Mount Ceiling Light with Night Light

The Flush Mount Hykolity LED panel light is a versatile and efficient lighting solution designed for various living spaces. With a unique night light feature at 5W and 2000K, it provides a soft and warm glow perfect for creating a cozy ambiance. The main panel delivers a powerful 32W with 3200 lumens, offering ample illumination for dining rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, and hallways. 

Featuring selectable color temperatures of 3000K, 4000K, and 5000K, this fixture allows you to customize the lighting to suit different moods or activities. As a dimmable round flat panel light, it provides flexibility in adjusting the brightness to meet your preferences. ETL Listed for safety and compliance, this ceiling light combines functionality with modern design.

Hykolity 3-Light Vanity Light Fixture

The Hykolity vanity lights are a comprehensive and stylish lighting solution for your bathroom. This 5-piece all-in-one set, featuring an E26 bulb base, is designed for convenience and aesthetic appeal. The oil-rubbed bronze wall sconce lighting with glass shades adds a touch of sophistication to your bathroom decor. 

This fixture assures compliance with electrical standards. Note that bulbs are not included, giving you the flexibility to choose the appropriate E26 bulbs based on your preference. With its thoughtful design and ETL certification, this vanity light fixture combines functionality and aesthetics, making it a practical and visually pleasing addition to your bathroom space.


hykolity 6 Pack 2x4 FT LED Flat Panel Troffer Light

The Hykolity Flat Panel Troffer Lights offer a high-performance lighting solution for office spaces. With a power consumption of 50W, these back-lit drop ceiling lights provide a bright and even illumination of 5000K daylight with 5500 lumens. These troffer lights are 0-10V dimmable, allowing you to adjust the lighting levels to suit different preferences.

Ideal as a replacement for traditional 3-lamp F32T8 fixtures, these LED flat panel lights ensure energy efficiency and a longer lifespan. The lay-in fixture design simplifies installation into standard drop ceiling grids, making it a practical choice for office lighting upgrades.

hykolity 3CCT 4FT LED T8 Hybrid Type A+B Light Tube

The 3CCT Hykolity LED tube light is a versatile and energy-efficient lighting solution suitable for various settings. This light tube allows you to customize your light and gives you control to select three color temperatures (4000K, 5000K, and 6500K). It offers installation flexibility, supporting both plug-play and ballast bypass options. 

With a power of 18W and a brightness of 2300 lumens, this LED tube delivers efficient illumination for spaces such as offices, commercial areas, or residential settings. The frosted cover adds a diffused and soft lighting effect. Compatible with T8, T10, and T12 fixtures,  this tube is single- or double-end powered, providing installation versatility.

hykolity 120W LED Wall Pack Light with Dusk-to-Dawn Sensor

The Hykolity wall lighting is a powerful and reliable solution for commercial security lighting. Emitting an impressive 16,200 lumens at a crisp 5000K daylight color temperature, this wall pack light is designed to provide high-performance illumination. With a substantial output equivalent to a 750W metal halide light, it ensures efficient and energy-saving operation. 

The integrated Dusk-to-Dawn sensor adds an extra layer of convenience, allowing for automatic activation. Operating in the wide voltage range of 100-277V, this waterproof LED outdoor wall mount light is ideal for warehouses and industrial settings, providing robust and durable lighting for enhanced security and visibility.


hykolity Low Voltage ORB LED Landscape Path Light W Crackled Shade

The Hykolity low voltage ORB LED landscape path light is a sophisticated and energy-efficient outdoor lighting solution. With a power consumption of 3.4W, it provides a warm and inviting glow of 155 lumens, equivalent to a 30-watt incandescent bulb. This path light is ideal for illuminating walkways, gardens, or landscaping features. 

The fixture boasts a durable die-cast aluminum construction, ensuring longevity and resistance to outdoor elements. The crackled shade adds a decorative touch, enhancing both functionality and aesthetics. With a remarkable 15-year lifespan, this low-voltage LED landscape path light from Hykolity combines style and durability.

Hykolity Low Voltage LED Landscape Spotlight

The Hykolity Path light is a powerful and durable outdoor lighting solution designed to enhance your yard or lawn. With a low power consumption of 10W, it delivers a bright and focused illumination of 390 lumens, equivalent to a traditional 50-watt halogen spotlight. This spotlight is ideal for highlighting specific landscape features. 

The die-cast aluminum construction ensures robustness and longevity, withstanding outdoor elements for lasting performance. Boasting a remarkable 15-year lifespan, this low-voltage LED landscape spotlight from Hykolity combines energy efficiency, durability, and versatility, making it a reliable choice for illuminating and accentuating outdoor spaces.

hykolity Low Voltage Landscape Lights, Smart LED Round Bollard Light with APP Control

The Smart Hykolity landscape lights represent a cutting-edge outdoor lighting solution. These Lights come with convenient APP control, enabling remote management of your lighting settings. Additionally, their compatibility with Alexa allows seamless integration into your smart home system.

Operating at a low voltage of 12V, these lights are not only energy-efficient but also ideal for illuminating pathways in your yard or lawn. With the added feature of RGB color-changing capabilities, you can effortlessly create dynamic and vibrant lighting effects to enhance your outdoor space.

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