What Qualities are Necessary For The Best Recessed Lighting?

What Qualities are Necessary For The Best Recessed Lighting

What is recessed lights?

This is a type of light fixture that is installed into the ceiling. It is usually placed in the corners or in the center of a room, and there are many different types of recessed lights.

LED recessed lights are uses LED or Light Emitting Diodes as their light source instead of a filament.

This type of lighting is also called architectural grade or commercial grade for both indoor and outdoor use.

Consumers can get these types of lights in both retrofit and new construction options. They have an unbeatable lifespan, which is about 50,000 hours. This translates to roughly 20 years based on the average use time per day.

If you want to install recessed lighting in your home, you should know what qualities are necessary for the best recessed lighting.


The first quality that you should look for when purchasing a recessed light is its brightness. You need to make sure that it provides enough light for the room it’s installed in, but not too much so as to create glare on your walls and furniture.

Size & Shapes:

LED lights are available in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit different needs. For example, they can be installed as recessed lighting in ceilings or as track lighting on the floor. They also come in a variety of colors and brightness levels to suit different purposes. 

Recessed lighting size is come in 3,4.5.6,7, and 8 inches categories. Mostly use 4- and 6-inches size LED lights. If we talk about its shapes then its two major shapes are round and square shape. 


The second quality you should consider is how easy it will be to install. The installation process for LED lights is relatively simple and straightforward but it is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions closely so that the installation goes smoothly and safely. If you’re installing them yourself, this may be an important factor because they can be difficult to install. 

The 3 Top Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying Recessed Lights

1: How much light do you need?

Different people have different needs for light in the kitchen. Some like a lot of light, some want just enough to see what they are doing, and others want a dark atmosphere. The first step to finding the best lighting for your kitchen is to understand what you need from your space.

2: What is the shade depth at your home?

The shade depth at your home is the distance between the top of a recessed lighting fixture and the bottom of its shade. The shade depth is measured in inches, with a standard size being 12-inches. Standard size will allow you to install most recessed lighting fixtures without having to worry about whether they will fit or not.

However, if you have an unusually high ceiling or an oddly shaped room, it is best to measure your own space before purchasing any lighting fixtures.

3: What are the light color temperatures that you want in the room?

The color temperature of a LED light is measured on a Kelvin scale. It is the amount of heat coming from the LED light as perceived by a human.

  • The LED recessed lights to come in three different types of light color temperatures: Low-temperature yellowish light between 2700K and 3000K (incandescent lamps and some halogens)
  • Average daylight in our urban environments falls around 4000K to 5000 Kelvin.
  • High-temperature bluish light in the range of 10,000 K (full-blast daylight LED lamps, powerful LED flashlights).

For the best viewing environment that works with the lighting seen outside, people usually set their home temperatures to 3000 K to 3500 Kelvin. The most common mistake that people make is using 40-watt incandescent bulbs instead of compact fluorescent lamps or LEDs. The reason is that these incandescent bulbs produce light at 2700 – 3000 ° Kelvin, so it does not work well with halogens or average natural light sources.

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